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Carrying on with the WordPress Plugin topic. After my last post about my Top WordPress Plugins, I tweeted and posted a message in the LinkedIn wordpress group (LinkedIn WordPress Post) asking other Bloggers what there top three wordpress plugins are. I have been interested to see how other people have been using wordpress and its vast array of plugins. I didn’t get a massive amount of feedback however I did get three responses from Lauren, Laura and from Taylor on the WordPress Group. So please do check out there blogs and social links as well. If you would also like your top three wordpress plugins featured in this post please do comment below.

TravelYourDreams Top Three WordPress Plugins

Lauren’s Top Three WordPress Plugins are:

WTI Like Post

This plug-in enables me to have a little thumbs up icon at the top of every post which is super handy for people to click if they love what I am writing. You don’t have to be a WordPress account holder to click this which is so convenient considering the majority of my audience do not have accounts. It’s also right at the top of the post so people are more likely to see and click on it, rather than having to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page! It’s very flexible as the settings allow you to chose how many times each individual can click to button e.g. infinite times or once a day etc…and after all, its giving me feedback too! Such a great plug-in to have.

Countdown Wpdevart

This plug-in is a countdown widget for my sidebar! You can customize the widget which I have done so that the colours etc…fit in with your theme. For me, this plug-in is a must so I can tell people where I’m travelling too next and have a day, hour, minutes and seconds countdown which excites me and my readers! But this could also be used as a countdown for events you’re holding or anything really!§

Easy2Map WordPress Plugin

This plug-in is my new favourite which I’ve recently discovered! I really wanted a way to show my readers where I have traveled, quickly and easily without it being a boring list! This plug-in lets me add a world map to one of my pages and edit it to add ‘pins’ on the places I’ve been. They have many different ‘pins’ you can use, so make it look how you wish! You can also add notes to the places you pin, so I pinned Paris and added a URL link to my Paris posts! An essential app for any travel related blogger and a lot of fun too!

Lauren is a travel blogger at www.travelyourdreams.co.uk. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram as well.

LauraHatesMushrooms Top Three WordPress Plugins

Laura’s Top Three WordPress Plugins are:

jQuery Pin It Button For Images

I like this plugin because it allowed me to add a personalised hover icon to my images which allow readers to pin them straight to Pinterest. I was easy to install and set up too. It’s effective and i think it makes my site look a bit more elevated.

Yoast SEO

I know a little bit about SEO from my day job but this widget saves my life on every post. Installed by the lovely people at WPBeginner who helped me move my site from wordpress to a self hosted .com. It works on a traffic light system and there are 12 criteria to make green. Without this plugin I don’t think I would remember to use key words or consider my key word density!

Click to Tweet

I have only just downloaded this plugin, but already like it. Its really simple but just allows me to add a box into a post which readers can directly tweet the post from. And I like that I can customise the tweet to say anything I like. I saw it on another blog and thought it was quiet handy, its something I use a reader so we’ll see how it goes on my site.

Laura is also a travel blogger and you can follow Laura on twitter and Instagram

Trye Designs's Top Three WordPress Plugins

Taylor’s Top Three WordPress Plugins are:

Dagon Design Sitemap Generator Plus

This plugin will allow you to use a simple short code to place into a page and have that page be your sitemap. Simple, quick and easy.

Simple Google Sitemap XML

This goes hand in hand with Dagon Design Sitemap Generator as when setting up Google Webmaster Tools, it is nice to install two small plugin’s so you can report a sitemap.xml to Google.

Automatic SEO Links/All In One SEO Pack

Great plugins to help the ease of Search Engine Optimization for your websites.

Taylor appears to work for his own Web and Graphic design business

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