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I recently changed host. I was using a self managed VPS server on Linode (www.linode.com). This server however seemed to be pretty slow and was in need of a weekly (sometimes daily!) restart – which is obviously not very convenient at all. The VPS I had was in the London datacenter and had been upgraded to the second and even the third tier to see if this resolved the issues. Despite all of this It still kept happening.

As well as the rebooting issue, all of the websites I hosted on there where claimed to be slower then 60% of the other websites tested using PingDom. This included a very simple PHP WhoIs script that loaded instantly. This lead me to believe the issue is todo with the VPS. Since I wasn’t using it for anything more advanced then hosting WordPress websites I decided I would move to a new host.

I hunted around and read a fair few reviews, I also asked other peoples opinions in person and on social media. From this I managed to draw up a shortlist of contenders. The contenders where:


I new of UnitedHosting as I used them previously before moving to Linode but the reseller packages they sell haven’t been updated in years, the resources are really quite restrictive and they are quite expensive compared to some of the other hosts in this list. Those are the only negatives. There webhosting offering is absolutely brilliant and the customer support has always been top notch. Late last year they where purchased by Iomart Group PLC. So I’m not sure how or if that is going to change anything. Due to the restrictive packages for the cost I ruled out UH.

Amazon AWS

I have used AWS for a few projects previously and they are ok. EC2 is good when you do not know how much traffic you are going to get or you know it will start as a larger number then slow down (so you can scale down the instance as time goes by – or vice versa) However I have never been that impressed with the performance. There not slow by any means but they are not the quickest and I also noticed that when you get more then a few visitors at once the MySQL database begins to crawl. The pricing also concerns me, it depends on the amount of traffic you receive on how much you pay. I didn’t like the unpredictability of this so I ruled AWS out.


Bluehost seem to get amazing reviews from the other side of the pond. They also seem to be really cheap. However being USA based I ruled them out as I will need every small amount of SEO credibility in order to rank highly. As I am aiming for the UK Market it makes sense for my portfolio of websites to be hosted in the UK. However should I ever in the future decide to take a niche to the USA i will definitely use BlueHost.

TSOHost – The Winner

TSO was a relatively new company on my radar as I had been with Linode and UH for so long before. However they came highly recommended from various people and review websites. I was very impressed with the customer support when I contacted them. I initially signed up for a light account and only moved one site from the Linode.

When that received no downtime for the fortnight (in the same time the Linode VPS had 85% Uptime) I decided to move them all over and shut the linode down. Since then I have had very little downtime and the price point is great. The only point i will raise is that they charge for SSL certificate installation so if you already have an SSL cert then be prepared for that.

Get a 10% discount when you sign up with TSOHost by sharing this article below. (Sign up for a year to receive a bigger discount!)

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