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Welcome to the Pure Profit Payday Review

Last week I saw a post on another marketers blog about a new product called Pure Profit Payday. At the time it was advertised it was priced at a $5.86 reduced down from a couple of hundred dollars. I thought what have I got to loose. So I went and signed up, Immediately I regretted it. Within seconds of signing up and gaining access to the members area I was being up-sold too. There was a couple of videos to watch but they where purely there to get more money out of you. I hadn’t actually got any benefit out of the $5.86 i had just spent. This was on my iPhone and quite late at night so I gave up that night and thought it might just be because I’m on my mobile.

I gave it a couple of days as I was busy at work and then tried on again this time on my Mac. Unfortunately I was even further away from actually getting to any content that I had paid for this time. I then decided to google the creators of the course (Glynn & Leigh Kosky) that Mike had written about. Every search result looks like a get rich quick scheme or a scam (Both pretty much the same in my eyes.) That is except for the top result, this one was the most interesting. The top result is this video which you should watch for more information. Although its not about pure profit payday. The video could equally have been recorded about it.

My personal view

My personal view of Pure Profit Payday is not great, they get you to buy in at an extremely cheap price to the sales funnel. This then hooks you in as you don’t actually get a lot for it but mentally they have caught you. They then use very persuasive language and keep offering more generous discounts to get you to upgrade with all the upsell’s. If you was to buy all the extra upsell’s I’m sure the whole thing would then eventually cost you more then before its discounted cost.

Obviously this post is written without any experience or use of the product and the accompanying upsell’s. So I have no idea if they are actually worth it of if you will get anything out of them. I simply refused out of principle to pay for the upsell’s when the landing page actually leads you to believe you will be getting the full product. I also emailed the support and took advantage of the no quibble refund guarantee to make sure I got a full refund of my not very well spent $5.68.

One other thing I have noticed is every one is writing about how amazing Pure Profit Payday is. However I am lead to believe that the very nice commission percentage that Glynn and Leigh offer to anyone promoting there products may have something to do with such glowing reviews.

Please note that this is not a dig against affiliate marketing. Infact I am all for affiliate marketing, it is one of the ways I am trying to earn money on this very blog. However and it is a big HOWEVER, I personally, will only write about and share products that A) I use and B) That I actually believe in. I will not write about any old horse crap even if it does offer the best commission rate.

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