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MeetEdgar Review

I am, like most of you I imagine, very busy. Sometimes busy people need help getting things done. The area I needed help was with social media management. I hunted the internet for something like buffer. This something needed to keep a library or archive of tweets and posts to use and reuse on a schedule. After a while of searching I came across So on with the MeetEdgar Review.

I contacted the support channel asking wether there was a free trial, rather then paying for a month and then requesting your money back. Within thirty minutes they had replied informing me that they only offer the money back guarantee. If you don’t like or get on with the product they will refund you no questions asked.

However me being me, I still didn’t want to part with any cash (regardless of the money back guarantee.) What I wanted was to try the product without it costing me anything, So I asked for a discount code. The MeetEdgar team replied with a 30day trial code. Which was amazing of them and allowed me to put Edgar through his/its paces without committing any funds to it.

I signed up, I still had to put my card details in, but I entered the discount code and then the dashboard loaded. It took me a while to find my way around but I quickly got the hang of it. Once I had added all of my blog posts to Edgar, and then set a schedule based on what I had read about best times to post a tweet/post. Away Edgar went, This was all well really simple and worked really well.

MeetEdgar Review – Downsides

MeetEdgar Review - The CostsUnfortunately, there is a downside. The Cost. Its not cheap at $49 per month (about £40) and that is the cheapest plan. This plan allows you to connect 10 social profiles and I up to 1000 library items. Unfortunately this is going to prove to much for me to take on right now. I may relook at this in the future once the blog and traffic has grown a bit more however at the current time I just cannot justify it.

Once again, I contacted the support team again to ask if they did custom plans, or if they was able to offer an account with lower limits. There was no budging on either the plans or the costs. I personally think that they should be offering a lite plan. Which has a reduced level of service or maybe even Edgar send out the occasional marketing tweet about Edgar coming from your account.

MeetEdgar Review – Conclusion

The idea and execution of Edgar is brilliant however the cost as a startup – far outweighs this. I am at the end of the trail for the time being going back to using buffer. BUT I do have my own scheduled tweet python bot in development I will write more about this in a coming blog post once it is live.

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