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ManageWp Review

About a year ago I decided I needed help managing the dozen or so WordPress websites that I look after. I did lots of research and the option that seemed to jump out at me the most was I signed up and started managing a couple of sites at first and I was completely hooked I immediately signed up for the professional version.

ManageWP is a dashboard that shows you the status of all of your websites that you have setup with it. It lets you see which sites need a plugin or theme update as well as enabling you to take scheduled backups, clone websites and even see a limited view of your Google Analytics right there in the dashboard.

ManageWp Review – Ease Of Use

ManageWP is super easy to use. You install the WordPress plugin from the WordPress Repo and then tell ManageWP to add the site. Thats it. Nothing else to do, It then simply fetches the status and WordPress control panel in to the ManageWP Dashboard. This allows you to consolidate all of your sites into the one dashboard. A massive timesaver for me. Add to this the scheduled backups which can backup the entire site or just the database when you tell it to. It will save the backups on to the web server and/or in the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3) and you can restore and clone your site live from these backups.

ManageWp Review – Features

Three of the many ManageWP features that I find super useful are the website performance checking. This performance checking uses Google Page Speed and Yahoo! yslow. You can obviously use these without the ManageWp dashboard but it is handy having the information right there. I also really like having a glance over my Google Analytics from within the dashboard. Its obviously not the full GA interface however you get a general idea of whats been going on with your visitor stats.

My final feature that I absolutely love is the ability to setup a new WordPress website either from a clone, a backup or a clean WordPress install. You can then then install your favourite plugins which can be saved in the cloud (dropbox, S3, Google Drive etc) This saves all that hunting around for the zip files etc or finding them one by one from the WordPress repo. For a full list of Features head over to the ManageWp Website.

ManageWp Review – Downsides

The only real downside that I have come across is one that will only effect people who use Two Factor Authentication. ManageWP’s implementation of Two Factor Authentication is not actually that good. I personally have 2FA switched on everywhere I am able to. This might be an inconvenience (although most sites remember you for thirty days on your main machine) but for the added security I am willing to take the hit.

That is until I used ManageWP’s implementation of it. When 2FA is switched on, it doesn’t remember you so every time you login you have to enter a code. Add to that if you have 2FA installed on any WordPress sites (again I do on almost every site) then you cannot view the dashboard from within ManageWP. You can still manage updates, backups, comments etc but you just cannot login to the /wp-admin/ interface inside ManageWP. Now this isn’t too much of an issue as I can do most of what I need to do from within ManageWP. Anything I cant do, I can sort by going to the actual WordPress sites control panel – however that kind of defeats the point of ManageWP.

ManageWp Review – Benefits

  • Super easy to install.
  • Manage theme, plugin and WordPress core updates for every site in one window.
  • Scheduled backups run like a dream.
  • Uptime Monitor emails you when you have downtime.
  • Everything all in one place.

ManageWp Review – Disadvantages

  • Doesn’t work very well with WordPress sites that have Two Factor Authentication installed.
  • Two Factor Authentication of the ManageWP interface never remembers my machine, which means I have to enter my 2FA code every time.
  • New Orion interface doesn’t feel as intuitive as the legacy interface
  • Quite Expensive although I think the new pricing brings the cost down.

ManageWp Review – Conclusion

Overall I thoroughly recommend ManageWp and urge you to all give it a go! Remember if you use a link from within this ManageWP Review you will get a 10% discount. The Two Factor Authentication issues may well go away when the new interface Orion is rolled. When this is rolled out I will post a follow up ManageWP Review letting you all know the changes. In the mean time go check out ManageWP for a good all round solution to manage multiple WordPress websites.

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