KiWi for Google Domain Apps Review

KiWi for Gmail Review

I have been using Gmail/Google Domain Apps/Google For Work for quite some time now and I have multiple email accounts of each type. This meant I had to have separate tabs open in my browser for each email account because I hate using email clients to manage my email. Well I thought I did. Until i discovered KiWi for Gmail. On with the KiWi for Gmail Review.

Kiwi for Gmail opens Gmail/Google Domain Apps/Google For Work in exactly the same way as it opens in a browser. With the exception that you don’t have to keep the browser open. It works almost as a standalone Gmail App. All of the functionality of Gmail (Calendar, Chat, etc) works in the same way as it does in the browser. It just keeps your browser less cluttered which means if you use Chrome it crashes/sucks up all your memory a lot less.

I have tried the big email client’s (Outlook and Thunderbird) to manage my email. Always going back to using separate browser tabs. Since I found KiWi for Gmail (Circa three months ago) I haven’t looked back. It definitely means my browser of choice crashes less, which in turn makes my Mac run better. It also makes me more productive as I am not constantly flipping back between tabs to check for new email’s.

When using KiWi for Gmail you simply know if you have an email or not as the icon on the Dock lights up, as does the one in the menu bar and of course you get full blown OSX Notification’s as your email arrives. Within KiWi for Gmail you can also set notifications on a per account basis. So I have a couple of mailboxes for people that have left the buisness that I keep an eye on but don’t need the full notifications for each incoming email so I have them switched off.

Pro’s – Kiwi For Gmail Review

  • Doesn’t clog up system resources by having multiple browser tab’s open
  • Proper OSX notifications for new email
  • Multiple accounts in the same Application
  • Updated Regularly – So bugs are fixed pretty quickly
  • Chat and Calendars work perfectly

Con’s – Kiwi For Gmail Review

  • Was quite buggy when I first found KiWi but has seemed stable for quite a while now
  • Cost compared to using actual Gmail interface or Thunderbird which are both free

Overall – Kiwi For Gmail Review

Overall I don’t think I will be going back to using Gmail in the browser. By using KiWi for Gmail my Browser crashes a lot less and I’m a lot more productive. So its a win win all round. The only downside was I had to buy the pro version as I have too many accounts to open but thats neither here nor there. The free version works with one account any more and you need to upgrade to the pro version.

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