My Side Hustle’s – A bit more Information on the things I do to earn money on the side #sidehustle

Over the last couple of weeks a few people have commented on the blog asking about my side hustle’s. So I thought I would give you a little information on them. Some of my hustles are regular income and some are one off jobs or hustles. My background is in IT which means some of the side hustles will be related to Information Technology and others will be completely unrelated. All of these are not necessarily “Passive Income” or even “Semi Passive” however they are all included as they are not part of my full time income.

Regular Side Hustle’s

My only regular side hustle is an IT support contract looking after a local firms IT network. This gives them 5 hours of my time a month when they need it via a helpdesk and teamviewer. I did have another regular side hustle which was helping a home improvement firm in Manchester to build there website and to implement SEO techniques to improve Google and Bing rankings. This was also the hustle that sparked my PPC interest this also involved a bit of Facebook advertising which i will have another dabble with at a later date.

Irregular Side Hustle’s

By irregular side hustles I mean something thats not recurring every month. This could mean any of the following: like selling on eBay, fixing a home users computer that found my targeted local PC repair business, Gambling Income (I only take well thought out bets rather then wild stabs in the dark.) Recycling mobile phones or tablets to places like and finally Research company interviews. More information on each below.

Selling on eBay

Over the last year I have upgraded my laptop and stopped using my desktop. This has meant that I have been able to cash in on the old devices by selling them on eBay. I have also sold an old O2 Joggler, my Apple Watch that I no longer used and a few other bits and peaces that I had laying around taking up space.

Fixing a Home Users Computer

On the side of working full time as an IT Manager. I do some consulting (some of this involves my regular side hustle above) but then some of it involves people finding my local PC repair business for one off computer and/or tablet fixes. This could involve anything from setting up a new PC to removing viruses or installing backup solutions.

Gambling Income

I follow quite a few tipsters on twitter and facebook and when i see a bet that I fancy and is mentioned by one or more of the tipsters. I will have the occasional flutter. Normally at one of the big races IE Grand National or Cheltenham. Obviously there is no guarantee of winning with this one.

Research Interviews

I have managed to get myself on a few research companies interview lists. These Interviews are by research companies on behalf of there clients. This year alone I have been invited to be interviewed about the following products or services:

  • Why I cancelled my Disney Life subscription.
  • About Apple Car Play that is built into my new car.
  • By a PC manufacturer to get an understanding of my purchase journey as an IT Manager.

Each of these interviews was paid varying amounts from £100 – £300 for no more then 90 Minutes work. Well its not even work, it is just speaking to the interviewer about the product and working your way through the discussion sheet.

So there you have it. Other ways I have earned money in the not so distant past.



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