PPC Experiment

So I wanted to try running some PPC experiments. I wanted to A) Understand how they work, B) Bring the new knowledge to one or two of my clients and C) Increase my passive income. I wanted this to generate passive income once they was all setup. As it was an experiment I didn’t want to spend a fortune on something that may not bring a return equally I had to invest something otherwise the ads wouldn’t run at all. I had to speculate to accumulate.

All of these PPC experiment’s gave me a glimmer of hope rather then any success. I’m giving full details of the experiments but not chosen niches or products etc. I am giving you enough information to not make the same mistakes I did, which hopefully I have learnt from going forwards.

PPC Experiment One

I selected a niche that I know relatively well. I then used LongTailPro to locate key words associated with that niche that had some search traffic but very low competition. Then when I had found a bunch of traffic laden low competition keywords, I went on to amazon and selected a product to fit around those. Since I didn’t want to put up a landing page, I just wanted to send the ad traffic direct to an affiliate link with a supplier. This narrowed down who I could use to Amazon because of the redirects that a lot of affiliate programs put in place before you get to the product page.


The mistake I made with this experiment was I picked a low value item. This low value meant that the commission (£0.32) gained was less then the cost per click (£0.55) So therefore didn’t make any sense to keep running the ad as it was actually costing me money to get people to buy the product.

PPC Experiment Two

The second PPC experiment I ran was using a Udemy Course that I have written about before. This was the Dropship course by David Dang Vu. I entered drop ship course into LongTailPro and again found some low competition but still decent search volume keywords. Setup the Google PPC ad’s using the affiliate link from the Udemy Affiliate scheme.


This first attempt got declined as the Affiliate link redirected to a different domain (as I mentioned above)

PPC Experiment Three

Similar experiment as above but this time I sent the traffic from the Ad to a landing page on the PassiveIncomeTrek website. I thought this would have two benefits A) Give me the opportunity to write about the course and include the intro video of the course and B) would give me the opportunity to acquire some traffic for the blog.


Unfortunately the clicks from the Google Ad’s didn’t convert into either traffic on the blog or conversions on Udemy. I guess that could be my fault for the content of the landing page and maybe I should have done some A/B testing on it.


So experiment one seemed to work, but the items/niches I selected were not right for this experiment. Experiment two is obviously a write off. But Experiment three I will go back and look at this one again when I get a moment but maybe select better products to promote.

I think I need to do a lot of reading up on Landing Pages. They seem to work for a lot of people, but I guess its a case of getting the content, the offer and the right kind of traffic all spot on so that the magic happens. I will relook at this once I have done some more research on killer landing pages and what works and doesn’t work.

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