Full RSS Feeds and why I think they are important

Like many people, I read a lot of blogs. When I say a lot I mean over a fifty different blogs. These are on a variety of topics including Football (or Soccer to my small American following) affiliate marketing, entrepreneurship and technology and I’m sure there are some other topics in there that I have missed.

Checking these blogs for new posts would either fill up my mailbox with all of the new post notifications which in turn I would then need to open the link in a browser tab, or it would take up far to much time keep checking the individual websites manually for updates. So I use an RSS reader – Feedly. I subscribe to every site/blog that I’m interested in within the App. I have it logged in on my iPhone, iPad and Mac so I can read it whether I’m on the train, having some down time during the day in the office or laying in bed unable to sleep.

Full RSS Feeds

The point of this post which I am getting to is about Full RSS feeds. I hate excerpts. I understand why people only have excerpts shown on RSS, as far as I can tell RSS readers do not show up in google analytics or other web analytic programs. However by me adding your blog to my RSS reader you are gaining a subscriber, a regular reader. Who when the time is right may actually link through to your blog to interact and comment or share the link with friends via social media.

Do you only send the first line of a blog post out to your mailing list? No. I thought not. Why would you do it with your RSS feed? The amount of people using an RSS reader is relatively small – hence why Google closed Google Reader. But all the time RSS is built into something like WordPress it will and should be used to its full potential. Its a time saving, helpful part of WordPress.

I for one, no matter how good the blog is will be unsubscribing from any blogs going forward that do not have full RSS feeds enabled. I simply do not have the time to chase content. If its not there where and when I want it, I will not read it.

Since I have a button built into Google Chrome to add a website’s feeds straight into feedly, The blog may well loose my eyes for good. As I simply have no other bookmark of the blog. At the end of the day, you are writing content for it to be read, if that means by having Full RSS Feeds switched on you miss out on a few stat counts, in my opinion so be it!

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If you use excerpts in your RSS feed, Whats your justification for doing so?

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