2016 Work, Business & Life Review

After reading Ryan Gibson’s 2016 review here, I decided to do my own. If you haven’t read Ryan’s Blog go and have a read. He always has something interesting and very valid to say – Definitely worth a subscribe in my opinion!

Anyway so 2016, Where do I start?


The Key things that happened in 2016:

  • I bought a house in major need of renovation as a future family home.
  • Moved my family in with a family friend at the end of 2016 while the above-mentioned house is renovated
  • My daughter had her first birthday
  • Learnt I can do other stuff that does not need a computer
  • I started generating Passive Income almost immediately once I started PassiveIncomeTrek.com
  • I oversaw from an IT perspective an office move for 90 people from one side of London to another pretty much single-handedly.


So let’s deal with work first. This is my full-time employment, my bread and butter that keeps the roof over my families head and pays all of our bills. I am an IT Manager for an AIM Listed PLC. I predominantly look after one of the London offices which has five different companies with a total of 90 people. Last year our lease expired on our old office which meant we spent most of the year looking for new premises before we had to move out. This move happened in September when we finally moved from the West End to Shoreditch.

This relocation has played absolute havoc with my commuting and to be honest my home and business life as well. I am now leaving home an hour earlier to travel 6 miles further. It’s not the distance; it is the awkwardness of getting to Shoreditch from home. Coupling this office move with the house move which I will go into in a bit, it’s added up to more time away from my family.

However back on topic – the office relocation was a significant achievement that I am proud of. Getting 90 Users, 45 Servers and umpteen bits of kit moved with very limited downtime. The only help I had was physically lifting and shifting servers, racks and boxes. Once the kit was in the new office, it was all down to me to get it all working. Fortunately, we only had one casualty during the move, this, however, wasn’t a problem, due to the right backups and next day delivery on hard drives from Ebuyer.

Personal Life

So the big personal things this year were, we sold our five years old “New build” two bedroom flat that we had outgrown. We bought a 40-year-old house that looks like it was last decorated when it actually was a new build. Needless to say, the decoration is not the only problem with the house. It needs completely renovating from a new boiler and central heating, electric rewire and re-plastering to brand new double glazing and a new fitted kitchen. Hopefully, by the end of February 2017, we should be in the new house.

This moves nicely into my point above about learning I can do stuff without being in front of a computer. With the help of my Dad, I have stripped every wall in the house of wallpaper, Pulled down two stud walls and removed four arches from the house. I have also ripped out a complete bathroom including removing the tiling, bath, toilet and hand basin. All of this meant when we instructed a builder he could start on the renovation rather than having to do the demolition work first.

In 2016 my daughter turned one, and I think this was when she truly began to develop into a proper little personality. She went from being a baby to a toddler that knows her mind and what she wants. This means we now need to have eyes up our a*se. She is growing at a rate of knots not only physically but mentally, and she amazes me with something new every day. She has taken moving out of the flat and into our friend’s house all in her stride. In fact, it is my wife and I that found it harder not having our own front door to shut the world out of then she did.


2016 saw the launch of PassiveIncomeTrek.com. This was the start of my journey trying to supplement my income with Passive Income. I had my regular consulting side hustles which at this moment in time is just the one side hustle (for the time being.) However, I am still hoping that the other side hustle will come back once my (ex?)client gets back on his feet following some personal setbacks.

PassiveIncomeTrek.com has since launch in May 2016 had just over 4000 visitors, and has generated across my side hustles and passive income a little under £4000 in additional income. This works out on average roughly an extra £570 a month.

2017 I intend to step this up a gear. Once my family are moved into our new house I fully expect to knuckle down and start smashing it. January has already begun well with a Domain/Website/Twitter account combo sale, but you will have to wait for the January Income report for more information on that 😉

I also have big plans to eventually open at least one potentially more drop-shipping stores. I have meant to do this since I took David Dang Vu’s Drop-shipping course. It’s so encouraging and inspiring when you see people like David and Johnny FD smashing it with drop-shipping.

There is also another product I am involved in which could potentially be a hit all over the world as there has previously been interest from the USA for several thousand units. I’m considering using Amazon to handle everything but we are not at that stage just yet.

There is also another consulting side hustle I may have over the line in the next few weeks. This will involve setting up a new website for a potential client’s new business as well as managing the client’s Facebook, Twitter and Facebook Ads for him.

What I need to improve

Spending my time more wisely / Stop Spreading myself so thinly

There are only a certain number of hours in the day, and if I don’t get a full 8 hours sleep, I’m rubbish that day. This means the remaining hours I need to use more productively. I also like to have a lot of projects on the go, unfortunately, this means that only a handful ever get finished. Which means its dead time, which in turn means it’s costing me money as the time could be better spent on some of the things that do earn money. This is a bad habit that I need to get out of in 2017.

Taking more online courses

I have bought a whole heap of classes on Udemy. But I have only watched David Dang Vu’s Drop-shipping course the whole way through. That took me four months to do. Which is terrible. There not massively long courses but this is linked to the above target of spending my time more wisely, I need to put the time in to get through the courses in a couple of days, definitely not a couple of months.

Listen to advice more

I love listening to podcasts. Once I have moved into the new house, my commute into London becomes about half an hour longer. This will give me the chance to listen to more podcasts using my offline time as the train journey mobile signal is very patchy, to say the least.

Exercise More

In three weeks of evenings and weekends up at the new house. I have lost a well-needed stone and a half in weight. This has purely been from doing some physical activity. I hate the gym, and my knees can’t take football like they used to. So I need to find something to replace the house refurb and soon before the weight creeps back on.

That’s it for my year wrap up. How was your 2016? What could you have done differently or better last year?

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