Income Report October 2016

Welcome to the sixth income Report for

Wow – How quick has this month gone? I cannot believe its nearly time for the Christmas celebrations to start already.

Month’s Progress

This month started really well. I got a notification from ThriveThemes saying that they had paid me my affiliate payment. Now considering I hadn’t even promoted Thrive that was amazing and a great way to start the month. Ive also been really busy with the office move which is why there hasn’t been as much content produced however next month we should be firing on all cylinders again! November there should also be some new affiliate income coming in, Including from JamfNow which is a mobile device management service for Apple Devices and also I’m planning on writing a couple of reviews for ThriveThemes.


Stats October 2016

This month we had our second best month ever on most metric’s, and the best month ever for the bounce rate. Which dropped by about 15% from last month. Down to 41% which I think was due to taking more time over posts rather then trying to throw up more but unpolished content. What ever I did it worked!

Finance Report


This month was obviously going to be a drop in income compared to last month due to the Side hustle from last month. I am however pleased that affiliate income has returned to the table thanks to ThriveThemes Review of Thrive Leads and Thrive Content Builder to follow.

Monthly Affiliate Income Income (In GBP) Income (in USD)
Total (In GBP)£186.09$230.93
Udemy Affiliate£0.00$0.00
Amazon Affiliate£0.00$0.00
Side Hustle (Regular Income)£140.00$170.63
Side Hustle (Irregular Income)£0.00$0.00

Affiliate and Adsense Income

As I said earlier, thanks to the ThriveLeads Affiliate my affiliate income has returned. Adsense income has also increased from last month by a couple of pence. All of this is completely passive however so that is always a good thing!

Side Hustle Income

Side hustle income there was only my one regular hustle however I have lined up another job for November which if it lands should top up my Side hustle income. I also have a few bits for sale on eBay as well which go in this section.


Nothing to see or say here – stayed the same as last month.

Monthly Expense Amount (In GBP) Amount (In USD)
Total (In GBP)£39.07$47.8
Dropbox Pro£9.99$12.22
TTNC (The Telephone Number Company)£0.00$0.00
DidLogic (Telephone Numbers)£0.00$0.00
Google Domain Apps£5.10$6.24
TSO Hosting£19.99$24.46
Facebook PPC Ads£0.00$0.00
Google PPC Ads£0.00$0.00

Total for the Month of July



Overall I’m pleased with the stats and the affiliate income. However a bit downhearted that the income is the lowest ever. Time to buckle down, roll my sleeves up and get this ship going again!

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