Income Report May 2016

This is the first income Report for Every month I will be publishing a detailed report of what has happened in the previous month and how much income and expenditure has gone on. I feel I have started in a good place, the back end of the website is organised, I have a lot of post ideas already started and I have automated as much as I can in order to let me concentrate on generating Passive Income.

A lot of the time consuming work that I needed to do this month was registering for the various affiliate programs associated with the products and programs I use on a daily basis. I then had to set up the correct tracking redirects etc and getting the website to look how I wanted. Getting all of this done makes me think that going forward I am in a really good place to push on and start generating the holy grail and whole point of this website – Passive Income.


One of the things I did do this month away from this website was I signed up to Evernote premium, I have always worked in a messy way. The old method involved hundreds of text files with different notes on my desktop for things I needed to remember. Eventually these would be filed away into correct projects in my dropbox. After trialling Evernote, I decided it was a cost I should take on. So subscribed to Evernote premium, Since then I have managed to bring a bit of order to my non existent filing system. Imported all of these notes into Evernote and actually managed to feel tidier in the process.

Website Stats

All of this being said, I started off quite well. Generating 1176 page views, 669 of those are unique visitors. I published 5 Posts in May (including this one) and the most popular one on unique visitors was a post about the four hour work week and drop shipping udemy course that I am taking. The bounce rate was 65% for the month. Which I am aiming to decrease as I ad more interesting and useful content.

May Page Views and Uniques

So on with the Income report.


Monthly Affiliate Income Income (In GBP) Income (in USD)
Total (In GBP)£408.16$589.68
Udemy Affiliate£5.53$8.00
Non Affiliate (Regular Consultancy)£340$491.20
Non Affiliate (Irregular Consultancy)£60$86.68

Consultancy Income

This month I took on one irregular consultancy job as well as my two regular clients. In total for consultancy I earned an additional £400. £360 of that is regular income.


Expenditure stayed the same as previous which was detailed on the expenditure page.

Monthly Expense Amount (In GBP) Amount (In USD)
Total (In GBP)£86.71$124.58
Dropbox Pro£9.99$14.43
TTNC (The Telephone Number Company)£10.00$14.45
DidLogic (Telephone Numbers)£5.00$7.22
Google Domain Apps£16.50$23.84
TSO Hosting£19.99$28.88

Total for the Month of May



Overall for the first month I am very happy. I need to improve the bounce rate and I also obviously need to keep growing the visitor numbers. I am hoping to invest in BuzzBundle at some point this month to add that to my armoury of tools that I use on a daily basis to drive traffic to the blog. In the meantime if you find anything useful please share the post or page or leave a comment below!

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