Income Report June 2016

Welcome to the second income Report for A lot of the time consuming work that I needed to was carried out last month. This should have left me with lots of time this month to generate content and to build a social following. However for the last week of June I was on Holiday in Ibiza. I also slightly mucked up my google analytics for 48 hours earlier in the month with an incorrectly configured filter. This meant I lost all tracking for those two days.

That being said thought, this month I managed to increase my twitter following by 98 followers. This is an increase of about 80% compared to the previous month of May


Website Stats

Screenshot 2016-07-04 14.24.54
This month the visitor stats where pretty much similar to last month with 550 unique visitors compared to last months 669 unique visitors. I recon it would have been even closer if i hadnt lost the 48 hours worth of stats and done nothing on the website for the last week in the month. I posted four times in June and the most popular post on the blog was last months income report followed by my guide on starting a blog. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to decrease the bounce rate in fact it increased from 65.41% to 73.9%.

So on with the Finance report.


Monthly Affiliate Income Income (In GBP) Income (in USD)
Total (In GBP)£732.72$973.16
Udemy Affiliate£0.00$0.00
Non Affiliate (Regular Consultancy)£340$451.57
Non Affiliate (Irregular Consultancy)£392.50$521.30

Consultancy Income

This month I took on three irregular consultancy jobs as well as my two regular clients. In total for consultancy I earned an additional £752.50. £360 of that is regular income that I can count on every month.


Expenditure was reduced this month as I finally finished my migration from Linode to TSOHost (read the comparison here – Link) I have decided the expenditure page just doesn’t work as i need to include it in my income reports so that link will redirect to the Income Reports going forward.

Monthly Expense Amount (In GBP) Amount (In USD)
Total (In GBP)£65.47$86.95
Dropbox Pro£9.99$13.27
TTNC (The Telephone Number Company)£10.00$13.28
DidLogic (Telephone Numbers)£5.00$6.64
Google Domain Apps£16.50$21.91
TSO Hosting£19.99$26.55

Total for the Month of June


Targets for July

  • Spend 20 minutes a day queuing up interesting content on the social media channels.
  • Spend 20 minutes a day using BuzzBundle that I was gifted last month
  • Write 4 Blog Posts (not including this income report)


Overall I am content with my progress and the fact that despite taking a week off in Ibiza that the traffic kept coming without any promotion on social channels etc. I am disappointed that I didn’t build on last months tiny bit of affiliate income, however Adsense income increased ever so slightly. I am still a long way from were I want to be.


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