Income Report July 2016

Welcome to the third income Report for

So, where did it go wrong in July? Visitor stats are the lowest in the three months since was founded. The stats are down by about 50%. The Reason for this is I was on holiday in Ibiza at the end of June (as I posted in last months income report) this holiday actually went on until the 9th of July. Following that, when I got home I was then in bed with a week of sickness.

Once I finally recovered from the holiday and sickness combined and then going back to work meant I had three weeks of my full time job’s work to catch up on. This meant I had no time to keep the progress going on PassiveIncomeTrek. I am gutted about this, however it cannot be helped.


July’s Progress

In the two weeks that I did have to get any work done I managed to achieve the following:

  • Secured another irregular consultancy job (This will be going into August which is always good to have some visibility of the Month ahead)
  • I added Adsense to a couple of other sites that I run.
  • Bought another domain and started setting up two new websites.
  • I also managed to help Lauren ( move her website away from her host to TSOHost (who I cannot recommend highly enough.)


As I said earlier this month’s visitor numbers where down quite a bit. This was due to my absence and inactivity across the board on Social Media and the website. I only published two posts this month and wasn’t very active on social media to promote either of them. I have already planned to get more posts published and to hopefully increase the Twitter and Facebook following. The most popular post this month was the income report for June. I managed to decrease the bounce rate a fair bit this month to 69.3%. Im hoping by taking more time when writing my posts as I did this month (quality over quantity) that the bounce rate will come down even further.


Finance Report


Although this months income was down on last months. This was due to the irregular consultancy work that I took on last month. Affiliate and Adsense income which is the real income that I am striving for grew on last month. I know its not a lot of income but the fact its growing on smaller visitor numbers is extremely positive.

Monthly Affiliate Income Income (In GBP) Income (in USD)
Total (In GBP)£350.3$463.71
Udemy Affiliate£0.00$0.00
Non Affiliate (Regular Consultancy)£340$450.07
Non Affiliate (Irregular Consultancy)£0$0

Affiliate Income

This months Affiliate income increased quite a lot compared to last month. 123Reg and TSOHost being the affiliate programs that increased. They only grew by a couple of quid however any increase is an increase.

Adsense Income

This month my Adsense Income was higher then it has been due to Adsense being placed on a number of other sites that I own and run that all receive a small amount of traffic. This has boosted my Adsense income to £2.73 for the month. Starting next month I will break the Adsense Income down by site so we can see where it is growing the most.

Consultancy Income

This month I did not take on any irregular consultancy jobs. In total for consultancy I earned £340 this is all regular income that I can count on every month for the foreseeable future.


Expenditure was the same as last month which as its stable I am happy with.

Monthly Expense Amount (In GBP) Amount (In USD)
Total (In GBP)£65.47$86.66
Dropbox Pro£9.99$13.22
TTNC (The Telephone Number Company)£10.00$13.24
DidLogic (Telephone Numbers)£5.00$6.62
Google Domain Apps£16.50$21.84
TSO Hosting£19.99$26.46

Total for the Month of July



So last months targets I missed by a small country mile. However because I should have some more time to dedicate to the site I have decided to set myself similar targets. Although I am lowering the number of blog posts I am going to post.

  • Spend 20 minutes a day queuing up interesting content on the social media channels.
  • Spend 20 minutes a day using BuzzBundle that I was gifted last month
  • Post 2 Blog Posts (not including the income report)


Overall I am disappointed that I didn’t manage to move the website and social channels on as much as I would have liked in July. However holidays with the family are very important and sickness obviously cannot be helped. Needless to say this month I intend on improving everything from visitor numbers to social media followers. One plus note considering the smaller traffic numbers is the jump in Adsense and Affiliate Revenue which compared to the previous months is a big increase.


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