Income Report December 2016

Last month was an interesting month. As was as far from my mind as anything possibly could be. With the exception of posting the November income report. I didn’t touch the blog.

The reason for this?

On the 2nd December, we moved out of our flat and in with a friend until our new house is ready to move into. This new house needed gutting before we can get a refurbishment firm into refurb it. So that has taken up all of my time this month.

This hasn’t been a total disaster tho, the bounce rate has stayed low, the visitor numbers did drop off a bit compared to the previous number but that’s because my Rasberry Pi got unplugged which powered the twitter bot (that I still need to write about). I need to get this back online at some point probably hosted online rather then in my house however.

Anyway – I did manage to do one irregular side job, I cleaned, secured updated and now backup a website for an old client. His website had been compromised by the WordPress baddies. So that bought my side hustle earnings back up again after a couple of low months. The rest of the income from Amazon, JamfCloud 123Reg and Adsense was purely passive which is nice.

Source Amount (In GBP) Amount (in USD)
Total Profit/Loss£531.9$658.42
Amazon Affiliate£1.76$2.17
Affiliate Income Total£20.97$25.85
Side Hustle (Regular Income)£140.00$176.27
Side Hustle (Irregular Income)£410.00$505.45
Site Hustle Total£550$681.72
Total Income£570.97$707.57
ExpenseAmount (In GBP)Amount (in USD)
Dropbox Pro£9.99$12.57
Google Domain Apps£5.10$6.42
TSO Hosting£19.99$25.14
Total Expenditure£39.07$49.15

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