Income Report August 2016

Welcome to the Fourth Income Report for

What a month we have had, We have been firing on all cylinders all month. Compared to last month where I think we lost our way a little bit. I have changed consultancy income to be a bit more generic to SideHustle Income. This includes my two consultancy jobs as well as things I have had to do a small bit of work to earn but not a great deal. Such as this month I sent an old mobile off to KasoRecycle,com and sold my old Lenovo Laptop on eBay.

So this is a bit more generic and maybe not quite truly “passive income” however its a bit more true then plain old Consultancy Income and its not earned through my regular full time job. The consultancy job I had booked in for this month has unfortunately been pushed back to next month as I just have to much on at the moment.

Month’s Progress

This Month we:

  • Published 4 posts including the income report.
  • Beat last months Stats (PageViews, Unique Page Views, Bounce Rate) in every way.
  • Dropped the bounce rate by nearly 15%
  • Was featured in the income report round up for the first time.


August Page ViewsThis months stats where brilliant compared to the disappointing month we had last month. I think part of this was that tweeted every day a link to a blog post. Unfortunately my free month runs out at the end august so I need to decide if I can justify the $49 or not. The twitter following grew by about 20% without actually doing much else other then with appropriate hashtags setup in the library.

The Facebook likes grew by 300% (admittedly that was from 1 to 3 likes HAHA!) however its still a growth. Instagram I have kind of forgotten about this month however I have decided to concentrate on one social network platform at a time write a small case study on each one on how I grow that particular network – This will cover Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Finance Report – Overview

Financially this month has been my best month so far. Adsense Income and Affiliate income have all grown compared to the previous three months as well as the SideHustle income going up this month as well. So its good news all round.

Monthly Affiliate Income Income (In GBP) Income (in USD)
Total (In GBP)£792.74$1038.17
Udemy Affiliate£0.00$0.00
Amazon Affiliate£0.32$0.42
Side Hustle (Regular Income)£340$445.09
Side Hustle (Irregular Income)£425$556.37

Affiliate Income

Affiliate Income has grown thanks to my TSOHosting review. There has been one purchase using my affiliate link which has added an extra £25

Adsense Income

Adsense Income has grown again on last month which is positive. I have Adsense on two websites right now and am looking to add these to a couple of others. There is also rumours floating round that the Adsense limit to three blocks of Ad’s has been scrapped. However I need to verify this claim as there is no word from Google yet.

Side Hustle Income

So Side Hustle on top of my regular side income of £340 ($445.09) I sent an old iPhone off to KasoRecyle and sold my old laptop on eBay. This generated me an extra £425 ($556.37). For Side hustle income that is a total of £765 ($1001.46)

Expenditure Overview

Expenditure has remained roughly the same as last month, give or take a few quid spent on Google PPC and Facebook Targeted adds as i mentioned earlier. With these expenditures I am learning heaps during these experiments and I’m sure it wont be long before one or multiple of them pays off. I also managed to remove a couple of Google Domain Apps accounts which has dropped these costs down.

Monthly Expense Amount (In GBP) Amount (In USD)
Total (In GBP)£90.27$119.63
Dropbox Pro£9.99$13.22
TTNC (The Telephone Number Company)£10.00$13.24
DidLogic (Telephone Numbers)£5.00$6.62
Google Domain Apps£5.10$6.77
TSO Hosting£19.99$26.46
Facebook PPC Ads£19.94$26.46
Google PPC Ads£16.26$21.58

Total for the Month of July



So last months targets I pretty much failed on again. Ive just been to busy. The one i did meet was posting two blog posts. However the social media channels and buzzbundle I never got round to.

This month I am setting similar targets to last month but am also narrowing them down a bit more.

  • Spend the month concentrating and growing Instagram
  • Post 3 Blog Posts (not including the income report)
  • Finish Python Twitter scheduler


Overall a great month. Impressed with affiliate income growing as well as visitor numbers. Although I’m hoping this isn’t due to which i have now cancelled. Time will tell!


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